Sweaters, Winter, and Hair Extensions

I love winter! The brisk air, a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace, blankets, sweaters, all the cozy, hygge items! But do you know what does not like winter? Your skin and hair! Especially your hair extensions, whether they are K-tip, I-tips, Tape-Ins, Sew-in wefts, or any other human hair extensions.

Why? The lack of moisture! Your hair extensions NEED moisture and in the winter with all the extra indoor heat we are particularly great at sucking all the moisture out. Why does moisture matter? Well without it the ends of your hair, grown out of your head or not, will start to break off. Styling your hair, particularly when curling, will fall out and become flat. Then add in a sweater or scarf and now that dry hair will start to rub against the fabric and create knots that are difficult to brush out.

Moisture creates elasticity in your hair, the flexibility to move and bend and shine the way we want it to. So what can we do to maintain moisture and save our hair from the dry winter? Here are my top suggestions:

1. Use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner.

Remember leave-in conditioner is what you add to your hair AFTER you have washed and towel-dried your hair. You spray it on and then leave it in. My favorite is Blue Tit x Oway's Superfluid. This is like a moisture bomb! At times when my hair feels extra dry, I will spray it into my hair before I braid it and go to bed. It leaves my hair feeling so soft!

2. Sleep with a Silk Pillowcase

Silk is good for so many reasons. The biggest reason for your hair is it creates less friction as you sleep at night, unlike cotton which causes friction and absorbs the moisture from your hair. Silk is also anti-microbial and great for your skin. I personally love the Blissy silk pillowcase but any will do. If you want to try Blissy click this link for $20 off.

3. Wash your hair less!

Were you expecting that? Now I'm not saying stop washing your hair altogether, please wash it regularly! However, if you can add an extra day between washes that will keep the oils from your scalp and products from being stripped off.

Also, do NOT go outside with wet hair! This is the time of year where you want to dry it. I get it, hair extensions make dry time so much longer! To shorten dry time use an Aquis towel. I have some in my salon and you can order online. This is not an average microfiber towel, the Aquis towel legitimately removes water from the hair and water is drying to hair, we want to remove that water! Once you take your hair out of the towel, dry it with a blowdryer on medium or low heat. If you cannot hold your blowdryer to the palm of your hand for one minute without it burning your hand, it is too hot for your hair.

4. Use Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Remember shampoo is for your scalp and conditioner is for your ends. I love Oway's Moisturizing Bath and Oway's Moisturizing Mask. If you are currently using Hairstory's New Wash, keep using that! I honestly think it is the best for hair extensions and your own hair. Plus it is all you need, the one product is your shampoo AND conditioner!


Moisture for your hair comes from oil. You should already be in the habit of adding oil to your hair, focusing on the ends every morning and night. My favorite oils are:

  1. Oway's Nurturing Drops

  2. Oway's Glossy Nectar

6. Brush Your Hair

Brush your hair throughout the day. Start at your ends and work your way up. I'm all about the Sheila Stotts wire-bristle brushes. They also come in purse sizes. Owning a boar-bristle brush is also beneficial to help distribute oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

7. Only receive hair treatments approved by your Extension Specialist

It's easy to see ads for all the products and treatments out there that will make your hair "better," and while some may be recommended by your regular stylist to treat your hair, always double-check with your extension specialist before you apply the treatment to your extension hair. Extension specialists should have received extensive training in regards to extension hair, maintenance, and treatment. Bond builders and detox treatments can be especially damaging to your hair extensions. While detox treatments may be recommended occasionally, only use them when it is recommended by your specialist for a specific purpose.

Follow these simple steps and you will have the best hair extension experience possible this winter.



Annapolis Extensions is located in Annapolis Maryland and owned by Christen Barrs. Christen has been specializing in hair extensions for 17+ years. She uses hand-tied methods such as Invisible Bead Extensions®, Individual Bonds or K-Tips, I-Tips, and Tape-In extensions.

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