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I’m Christen Barrs, owner of Annapolis Extensions. I am Utah native, married to a Navy man, and have spent the last decade moving every 18 months - 2 years. Don’t panic! We are settling down here in Annapolis after falling in love with the city a few years ago. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, dog-mom, a human being who loves to have fun and enjoys a relaxing day at home. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 15 years, working behind the chair for 17 years. I am certified yoga and prenatal yoga teacher. I also have a bachelor’s degree and Master’s of Education in human development because I love people and find them fascinating!

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My Story

Okay, let’s talk about hair! For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a cosmetologist. Unfortunately that dream was not encouraged growing up but after going to college, I realized my true passion would always be hair. I started an apprenticeship under Tru Eastman, one of the first cosmetologist to bring hair extensions to Utah over 20+ years ago. (If you learn more about hair extensions, you’ll learn a lot of companies and methods have strong ties with Utah. We like our extensions, what can I say?) She taught me everything I would have learned in cosmetology school and so much more, including the world of hair extensions. The methods I learned then are almost extinct today. I have witnessed the birth of tape-ins, I-tips, k-tips, and Beaded Sew-Ins that work for all hair textures, plus many more methods. I had the best training as I spent 2,500 hours working directing for Tru, helping install and uninstall hundreds of thousands of extensions. It was also through these methods that I became an expert in color matching extension hair to natural and colored hair, fine tuned my blonding skills, and fell in love with redheads.


Now let us fast forward 14 years... I found myself in Japan, on a military base, with clients who were active duty in the military. They wore their hair up for 12+ hours a day but wanted the long, full hair many of us wish for. I knew the methods I used could not hold up to that long, daily tension without creating damage to the hair and scalp. That’s when I learned about Invisible Bead Extensions and applied to be in their training program. To my surprise I was accepted as one of the first 100 cosmetologists to learn the IBE method and I have been in love with it ever since! With my years and education, I bring all of these methods together to create a tailored look for each and every client.


I used to think that extensions were only for the vain but I have learned that hair extensions provide so much more. I have seen people sit in my chair and leave as a completely different person - not because their hair was different but because they stood up taller, more confident, feeling at home in their body, with a smile and determination to take on the world. Hair is not just something pretty to look at but a representation of who we are and how we feel about ourselves. We’re not all born with that hair but hair extensions can give us the hair that matches the core of our being perfectly. These magical transformations are exactly why I choose to specialize in hair extensions and color. Every person deserves to have the hair of their dreams, and with patience, time, and money it is possible for everyone.


If I sound like a good fit for you and match your desired goals, reach out to me! I am taking new clients and would love to sit down with you to discover if I am the right team member to make the hair of your dreams a reality.